Brand Strategy

Do you have a clear brand strategy? Are your organization, your services, your products and your communications distinct from the competition? Are you reaching your desired customers? Are you satisfied with your brand awareness?

Each Organization Has a brand

A brand isn’t a logo or a service, but rather the unique identity of a company or business. A brand’s logo and name are two different components of that identity: the one visual and the other verbal.

A solid brand strategy is indispensable whether you are an independent consultant, a small, a medium or a large business. Brand strategy defines and distinguishes an organization or business, along with its products, its services and its communications. An effective brand strategy enables you to reach your desired customers, to motivate your team and to influence decisions. It creates a connection with those who interact with the brand in or outside the organization.

Do you have clear brand strategy? At Symbole we combine thoughtful strategies with talented design and communications aiming to transform your brand into a symbol. Our process begins with articulating your organization’s purpose, values and vision. Then we look at your short, medium and long term goals and objectives. Are they aligned to the organization’s purpose? Are all areas of your business aligned to your purpose? Then, thanks to some well targeted market research, we can help you lay the foundation for a clear brand strategy.

An Inclusive Brand Strategy

A brand strategy includes all the interactions people and other organizations have with your organization:

  • Purpose
  • Values
  • Vision
  • Communications
  • Brand Architecture
  • Naming
  • Visual Identity
  • Customer Service

Brands that have become symbols are brands whose strategy is clear and simple. Developing a brand not only requires a clear strategy but also constant development and alignment through holistic brand management. We believe in developing a brand organically which then contributes to the development of its ecosystem as well.

Is your brand strategy clear and simple today?

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