Brand Management

Does your international brand resonate in Canada? Or is the competition leaping ahead of you? Can it adapt to local culture while respecting your brand integrity? Do you have the appropriate resources to properly implement your brand strategy?

We Can Manage Your Brand

Brand management is essential to ensure a coherent experience of the brand design and ensure the success of the brand strategy. Our experience with local and international brands enables us to maintain or improve the consistency of your brand through all levels: from the distribution to the point of sale and everything in between.

For smaller organizations, owning a branding and marketing department may be a steep investment, therefore many organizations refrain from brand management. If this is your case, Symbole can deliver great value to your organization by managing your brand according to your needs.

What We Can Manage for You

Our brand management service includes:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Consistency of Brand Identity
  • Brand Advertising
  • Point of sale Experience
  • Online Experience
  • Product Launch
  • Events

Is your brand well managed in the Canadian market?Or do you lack the resources to properly manage your brand?

Contact us for an evaluation of your brand management: 514.777.2620