Brand Design

Does your visual identity clearly reflect your brand’s tone and values? Is your website as effective as it is visually compelling or vice versa? Design is the mastery of pleasing aesthetics with a purpose.

Design As a First Impression

A brand design needs to be simple, innovative, memorable, permanent, legible and eloquent to its target audience. What the brand looks like, feels like and sounds like encompasses how people identify it, and is what we also like to call the “first impression” of the brand. This goes from a simple logo and its usage chart to a complete system identifying all flavors of the brand in print, in space, in digital, in audio and in video. Knowing the audience, customers or intended future customers is a key component to creating an identity that is accessible to them and at the same time represents you. A great brand identity is strategic which requires thinking and research. It should be integrated in a brand strategy.

Some Elements of Brand Design

It consistently encompasses the elements listed below… and more:

  • Visual Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Stationery
  • Web Design
  • Corporate Brochures
  • Point of Sale Booths
  • Trade-show Booths
  • Packaging
  • Event Design
  • Sound Design
  • Staff Behavioral Guidelines
  • Customer Service

Is your brand strategy clear and simple today?

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