Brand Consultants

Our team expands flexibly to include required and trusted talent based on your needs.

Charles-Antoine Fournier

Charles’ entrepreneurial spirit led him to start his own graphics design business in 2005. His academic training in graphic design and advertising and grooming having grown up in a family business, developed both his design and his business management skills. This quickly enough morphed into a successful graphic design and branding consultation. At Symbole, Charles’ passion for design, technology and artistry continues to create successful experiences for our clients and theirs. Charles-Antoine not only focuses on creating but also on the way to approach the business while designing and building the strategy for indelible brand identities and experiences.

Lisa Marie Calhoun

An experienced and successful marketer, project manager, event designer and creative thinker seasoned with more than 20 years of collaborating passionately with people and technology (at Apple, Dell, Drake International, Microsoft, VSM Marketing etc.) Lisa loves to make a difference, delights in problem solving and lives to create positive experiences in person or online. Lisa’s role at Symbole brings all of these previous experiences together to team with Charles-Antoine as brand and marketing strategist in creating new experiences for our clients and theirs.